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Catharine YOUNG, PhD

Scientist, Advocate, Educator, Entrepreneur
Disrupting rare cancer for patients and their families


Executive Director and Chief Foundation Officer Shepherd Foundation

I was born and raised in South Africa

I am passionate about making a tangible impact in this world

I am dedicated to advancing women in STEM and improving the public's understanding of  science 

My ultimate goal is to strike the balance of work and living life well while serving society

I am a former American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellow and TED Fellow

I have worked as a science diplomat at both the national and international level 

I am co-founder of Blueprint International and Supper with a Scientist

I'm here to be a guide, resource or sounding board for anyone who needs it.  We are all in this together.


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03 Experience

03 Experience

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Have questions?  Need advice? Contact me!

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